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Junior Computer Academy is a place where students learn about technologies that the world will use in the future.

The curriculum develops universal skills, useful for everyone.

Children create their own projects in teams and individually. Collaboration develops an ability to cooperate, plan and achieve goals. Whatever your child will be doing in the future,the knowledge and skills gained at the Junior Computer Academy will be invaluable


Professionalism, Excellence

The training process at the Junior Computer Academy is based on three essential components of effective education:

Current curriculum

Your child acquires the necessary relevant knowledge and skills that will make him or her a champion in the future.

Team of professionals

Our experts will inspire an interest in learning, train how to create projects, and work independently or in a team.

Friendly environment

We believe that modern education is a partnership between trainers and students, where we all follow one goal. With access to modern equipment and technology, we develop skills for a successful future.

For whom

Our Educational

For children
from 7 to 8 y.o.
The computer is not only a gadget, but also a tool for self-expression and development. Your child will learn about computer technology, the Internet, and network security, and create their own games and LEGO robots.
For school students
from 9 to 12 y.o.
Your child will learn from scratch how to create technical projects and develop computer games, websites and unique technical solutions.

How we teach

Maximal practical training
Junior Computer Academy education is practice based. Each theoretical block is supported by a variety of practical tasks. No boring lectures, memorizing or teacher-centred learning. Through gamification and project based learning - your child not only works on exciting assignments, but also earns their own “academic” currency. Parents can check the online platform at any time and follow up on their child's progress and success.
IT professions test drive
While studying at the IT Nova, your child will be able to determine whether he/ she likes one or another area of the industry and choose certain subjects for indepth learning or to master in the future


Our training program is based on the unique methodology, which is recognized by leading international organizations

For children 9 - 12 y.o.

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Cyber security
  • Game Design
  • Creating 3D games in Kodu GameLab
  • Basics of programming using Scratch
  • Python Programming
  • Blogging and Youtube Channels
  • LEGO Robotics
  • Games development in Construct
  • 3D-design and 3D-print
  • Web Design and Development
  • Photolab and digital image processing
  • Designing of Virtual Worlds
Download detailed curriculum

For children 13 - 15 y.o.

  • Programming of Arduino Microcontrollers
  • Digital Art
  • Augmented reality mobile applications development
  • Python Web Application Development
  • 3D animation
  • Innovation technologies and argumented reality
  • Game development using Unity
  • Startup and freelance
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Internet and online security
  • LEGO Robotics
  • Game design and creation of elements of the environment in Adobe Photoshop
Download detailed curriculum
Kids will be able to

Upon graduation of the course students will be able to

  • Choose a direction in IT and understand future perspectives
  • Develop websites, take photo and video, design and program
  • Use a computer as a tool for intellectual development and creative expression
  • Create computer games using advanced software
  • Create web projects: from designing to launching online
  • Understand current trends in robotics and design smart home gadgets
  • Create animations and cartoons, create and prepare 3D-objects for 3D printing
  • Work with virtual reality and create virtual worlds
  • Interact in a team, be smart, make quick decisions, find creative solutiuons
Forms of study

Forms of study

Weekday classes

from 430 pesos/academic hour

Weekday classes allow you to evenly distribute your workload during the week and meet your favorite teachers more often. Classes are held twice a week.

  • Children 9-12 years old - the program is for 5 years
  • Children 13-14 years old - the program is for 3 years


144 academic hours per year

9-15 years old

2 times a week for 1 class per day (2 academic hours)

11th Drive, corner 9th Ave, unit 1214, Taguig, NCR

Weekend classes

from 541 pesos/academic hour

Weekend classes fly by unnoticed for the child and free up three hours in the parents' schedule on Saturday or Sunday. Classes are held once a week.

  • Children 9-12 years old - the program is designed for 5 years
  • Children 13-15 years old - the program is for 3 years.

Class days: Saturday or Sunday


144 academic hours per year

9-15 years old

1 time a week for 2 classes per day (4 academic hours)

11th Drive, corner 9th Ave, unit 1214, Taguig, NCR

Coding Camp


Summer IT Part-time Club

For children 7-14 years old, we have developed a unique program of full immersion in the world of IT.  For two weeks the children will create different projects, as a result of each child will: their own game, their own 3D model, their own website, etc. Every new day at the camp - the study of a new direction from the IT sphere. 

In the camp program :
For age group 7-14 years  
🔥 Creating games🔥
Many children dream of learning to create their own computer games! And they will have this opportunity! During the summer holidays at the Academy they are waiting for:

♦️Draw your favorite characters on your computer
♦️3D Modeling: Designing Minecraft Characters
♦️Development of own computer game
♦️Creating virtual reality
♦️Creation of the site- business cards games
♦️Basic presentation of your own product

Classes are held daily, from Monday to Friday:

☀️ 10 June - 14 June from 10 am to 2 pm

☀️ 17 June - 21 June from 10 am to 2 pm

☀️ 24 June - 28 June from 10 am to 2 pm

☀️ 8 July - 12 June from 10 am to 2 pm

WHERE: 11th Drive, corner 9th Ave, unit 1214, Taguig, NCR

Summer IT-club is the perfect opportunity for the child to spend time on vacation fun, interesting, useful. And most importantly - the child will get a new experience with the computer and will understand that the computer is not only a toy, but a working tool for creating creative projects. 

The number of seats is limited! Have time to book convenient time!


5 days

7-14 years old

(4 hours/day)

11th Drive, corner 9th Ave, unit 1214, Taguig, NCR

IT Camp
7 - 14 years
First step 7-9
7 - 9 years
Software Development
15 - 55 years
How we teach

How we teach

Our students become true friends. Driven by the common goal to become successful, they work on joint projects and startups, following common interests in computer science.

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