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We believe that anyone can be a UI/UX designer. You need desire, diligence and discipline to achieve your goal. We take care of all other things.


Our values

Education at IT Nova is based on three essential components of active learning:

Up-to-dated Curricula

The knowledge and skills that our students gain must meet the requirements of employers today and in the future. Therefore, we review and update our course program every six months.

Instructors - Practitioners

Instructors at IT Nova are specialists in their field with more than five years experience. The methods they teach you are the same methods they use on a day-to-day basis at leading companies. In our classrooms, students receive only relevant knowledge from real practice.

Friendly atmosphere

We have created a unique learning environment where teachers and students communicate on an equal footing. Our classrooms and laboratories are equipped with comfortable workplaces, computer equipment, and licensed software.

for whom

Who the program is for

The course "UI/UX design" is suitable for everyone who wants to get a new profession and develop their creative potential!

High school students and graduates (15-18 years old)

Get the necessary knowledge and skills for a confident start in IT.

University students
(18-23 years old)

They will learn a second specialty in parallel with their university education.

Representatives of
Other occupations
(ages 23-55)

Those who are not satisfied with their current career and financial prospects will be able to retrain as UI/UX designers and build a career in the IT-industry.

Anyone wants to
IT skills

Systematize their knowledge and get working skills demanded in modern IT.

Education program

Education program

The program is based on the real requirements of the IT market.
Our methodologists and teachers are constantly working on its improvement and updating, so that graduates of the Academy Nova can prove themselves worthy in front of the employer.

  • Introduction to Web-technology. HTML Structure
  • Graphics in web-design. Graphics Optimization
  • Hyperlinks. Principles of web-site navigation
  • RWD Principles. Media Queries
  • CSS Grid Layout model properties
  • Primary optimization of the site. Placement of the site on the Internet
  • Basics of UI/UX
  • Preparing for Web Project Development
  • Work with the audience, types of users
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Information architecture, prototyping
  • Web-design
  • Design Systems
  • Mobile interfaces
  • After Effects animation
  • Game Interface Design
  • UI for VR, AR
  • Redesign, hypotheses
  • Features of software interfaces
  • Soft Skills
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You will be able

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Analyze websites to improve design and increase conversions
  • Create web app interfaces
  • Balancing the desires of the customer and the user
  • To master the principles of design of marketing websites
  • Create, process a brief and terms of reference
  • Analyze the audience's needs and values
  • Create content strategies
  • Work with images and illustrations for web-design
  • Create responsive design, responsive design, Mobile First concept
  • Working with After Effects graphics
  • Develop game interfaces, VR, VS and AR
  • Make a resume and portfolio of UI/UX designer
Forms of study

Forms of study

UI/UX Design

from 11 320 pesos/month

UI/UX Design education for beginners from scratch is held with experienced professors. Practice is embedded in the learning process, which takes place under the control of the professor, 100% of the time interaction with the professor. 

The course is aimed at acquiring practical design skills and employment.


6 month

15-55 years old

2 times a week for 4 academic hours

11th Drive, corner 9th Ave, unit 1214, Taguig, NCR

QA engineering
15 - 55 years
PYTHON Development
15 - 55 years
Advertising design
15 - 55 years
Networks and Cybersecurity
15 - 55 years
Development of WEB-projects
15 - 55 years
Software Development
15 - 55 years
Computer Graphics and Design
15 - 55 years
How does the training progress

How does the training progress

Training at Nova Academy is organized so that the student can immerse himself in his specialty as much as possible, without being distracted by unnecessary things. We have no written exams or memorization tests. Only interim tests to check the comprehension of the subject. Representatives of IT companies are present at the defense of diploma projects, and a diligent student can find a good job right away.


IT Nova students receive international diplomas


Companies where the Nova graduates work

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