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We will introduce your child to the technologies of the future and make sure holidays are spent with both fun and benefits!

For whom

Our Students:

know all the most popular bloggers and want to become famous

dream to assemble and train their own battle robot

never let go of their smartphones

want to create virtual worlds


Benefits of Nova IT Nova:

  1. Knowledge and skills for the future
  2. Individual approach to learning
  3. Technologies and gadgets
  4. Visits to global IT companies
  5. Outdoor activities
  6. Experienced tutors
  7. Safety and comfort
  8. Communication and new friends
Forms of study

Forms of study

Part-time summer camp

from 17 200 pesos

For children 8-14 years old during the summer break we have prepared a fascinating program that includes the most interesting IT directions. 


For two weeks children will create various projects, and as a result each child will have his own game, his own 3D model, his own website and other projects.  Every new day with us is a learning of a new direction in IT sphere.


Your child will get into a group of peers from different cities of Russia, where he or she will be able to master 5 professions of the future. And also have fun in the company of new friends!


We guarantee:

  • a program with educational and creative activities;
  • professional counselors and teachers;
  • groups of up to 15 people where attention will be given to each child;
  • fun, educational and entertaining disciplines;


2 weeks

8-15 years old

weekdays (4 hours/day)

11th Drive, corner 9th Ave, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila

Full-time summer camp

from 28 528 pesos

Для детей 8-14 лет на летние каникулы мы подготовили увлекательную программу, включающую самые интересные IT-направления. 

В течение двух недель дети будут создавать различные проекты, в результате у каждого ребенка будет своя игра, своя 3D-модель, свой сайт и другие проекты. Каждый новый день с нами – это изучение нового направления в сфере IT.

Ваш ребенок попадет в группу сверстников из разных городов России, где сможет освоить 5 профессий будущего. А также весело провести время в компании новых друзей!


Мы гарантируем:

  • программа с образовательной и творческой деятельностью;
  • профессиональные консультанты и учителя;
  • группы до 15 человек, где каждому ребенку будет уделено внимание;
  • веселые, обучающие и развлекательные дисциплины;


2 weeks

8-15 years old

weekdays (8 hours/day)

11th Drive, corner 9th Ave, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila

How we teach

How we teach

No boring studying, only fun lessons, useful activities and a great time. The camp program offers the opportunity to try different skills, and helps a child to find a new hobby. After all, holidays are the perfect time for experimentation, discovery, and making friends.

Opening SOON!
Our Academy in BGC will opening very soon - May'2023! The number of seets are limited! There only 150 spots avalible for 2023

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